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I’m a Democrat?!

Posted by Mike O on January 28, 2010

At least according to Mabrie Jackson, candidate for Texas House of Representatives, District 66.

You see, despite having worked 40+ years for people like Goldwater, Reagan (even BEFORE the ’76 primary against Ford), and a younger Bob Dole (when he WAS a conservative), several state and county level Republicans; and having been a GOP precinct chair, election judge, district and state delegate, serving as district GOP convention Chair  and been elected as GOP County Chair in Denton, I undid ALL of that by committing the sin of being a ‘Chaos’ voter in 2008.

For those with short (or apolitical) memories, a ‘Chaos’ voter is one who decided to try to extend the Democrat’s primary process as long as possible so Hillary could continue to do what the media would never allow the GOP to ever do; attack Obama on his associations and abilities.  ‘Chaos’ voters realized how disastrous an Obama administration could be (and have we not been proven right?).  The GOP national race was set by the time Texas rolled around, so protecting this country from the radical liberalism of Obama and his big spending minions was paramount.  So ‘Chaos’ voters lined up with the true Democrats to hold their nose and let the person I best described here continue to play attack dog (and, at the link, you’ll find that my personal decision actually predated Rush Limbaugh’s call that labeled it ‘Chaos’).

I heard someone from the audience say something like: “I could never do that!”  To protect this country from what we’ve been through over the last year??  There was another candidate on this stage who went into the sand with a rifle in his hands, and you can’t bring yourself to cast an rather odd vote in an attempt to protect this country from what it now faces?  Such political snobbishness is costing us this country rapidly and, if we aren’t willing to change tactics to protect us from national bankruptcy and nascent  socialism – like Wayne Richard and I both did both in being Chaos voters and peaceably demonstrating with the Tea Parties, then our children may need to emigrate for any opportunity for prosperity.  Do you really want that just to protect your veneer of ‘Party purity’?

Wayne Richard had the courage to file against the RINO incumbent that now mentors- along with all of his Straus-supporting PAC buddies- Mabrie into the realm of state politics.  Guts, independence and political innovation is what we now need, not the same-ol’-same-ol’ that has led us into the current mess.  That’s why I back Wayne.





8 Responses to “I’m a Democrat?!”

  1. Jerry Henderson said

    Mike I’m one of the people that shouted out. But what I said is “I did it!”. This was after a lady behind me, another Richard supporter said the same thing. We both were agreeing with Wayne. I wish we had been more clear.

    I’m like you I held my nose and voted for Hillary in the Primary, the better of two evils. I’m very conservative.

  2. Bill Watson said

    I was unable to attend last night. I want to make sure I have this right. Mabrie called Wayne a Democrat? Isn’t there a Plano election this Saturday where Mabrie and her Plano friends support Andre Davidson, a woman that voted in the 2008 Democratic primary? Do they call her out as a tax raising Democrat? Seems a little two-faced, doesn’t it?

  3. Mike O said

    I did hear someone say they couldn’t do that; I was on the other side of the room, not sure who did.

    As for Andre Davidson, I will NOT call her out as a Democrat; her record before that was solid GOP establishment. She could be a Chaos voter… or a real switchover. In her case I don’t know; in Wayne’s, I do.

    My issue with Andre is that she is a full member of the ‘quality-of-life’ people who have yet to see the same wasteful overspending in DC has percolated down to the City of Plano, where fancy health club construction has somehow become an essential city service, worthy of mandatory taxation.

  4. Carol T said

    Wayne Richard was nothing short of brilliant. Relaxed, funny, sincere. Mabrie sounded like she was regurgitating platitutes like an over preped career politician. I am here because I want good schools for our kids? Is that all you’ve got? Attention Mabrie, there is a lot more afoot in this country than whether our pampered Plano school kids get new laptops. I want a candidate that understands that. I am looking for a candidate that will stand up for our rights not to be bullied by and dictated to by Washington. I own a business. I want someone who will make sure that I have a climate that encourages me to hire and expand. Wayne certainly will because he has owned his own business and understands that overtaxing businesses is a jobs killer. My business got hammered by the franchise tax that was imposed 3 years ago and then hammered again by higher property taxes. There went two jobs………
    I wanted to stand up and cheer when Wayne eloquently shut down her accusation that he was a democrat. Again, Mabrie is that all you’ve got? Dirty politics? Twisting the truth to sling political mud? Is your only shot at a victory via the low road of political hackary?
    Congrats to Wayne. If I wasn’t sure he was my guy before, I sure am now.

  5. CCGOP1 said

    How is Operation Chaos working out for all of you? Satisfied with the outcome? All it did was make the Dems look stronger in Texas than they really were and this helped with their fundraising and voter outreach.

  6. dcvaquero said

    Wayne was all recycled lines and obviously has temper issues. Van Taylor is the better choice in my humble opinion.

  7. Mike O said

    Delayed things a bit back then but ultimately was insufficient to overcome the ‘Democrat lite’, ‘big tent’ strategy of GOP types like yourself AND the MSM for that election. However, it is working out great now, Mr./Ms. mysterious CCGOP1: the Chaos group transformed into the Tea Parties and currently we’re kicking tail.

  8. […] not when you take last-minute cheap shots that have nothing to do with issues.  Take that from a Chaos voter and Goldwater conservative, Like Wayne Richard… and Rush […]

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