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PAC Lady

Posted by Mike O on February 14, 2010

I was pretty ambivalent to Mabrie Jackson campaign for State Rep before I got this email related to the Candidate Forum we scheduled; this precluded her for me.

Here was my email:
Sent: Thursday, December 17, 2009 7:54 AM
Subject: Considering putting together a series of State Rep debates

The combined Tea Party groups (Allen, McKinney, North Texas, Collin County, and Frisco) are considering scheduling a series of debates for the State Rep candidates.  Naturally, the one everyone is talking about is the 66th being the first.  Would you be interested?

We are looking at something in the first half of January.  Everyone would be aware of the format ahead of time: currently, we are looking at 5 minutes intro each first, three traditional debate questions randomly drawn from a pool of questions given to the candidates some days in advance, followed by direct questions from the open-invitation audience, emphasizing questions addressed to all candidates. (Emphasis added)


Here is Mabrie’s response (emphasis mine):
Sent: Thursday, December 17, 2009 8:18 AM
I will do one.  When you do too many you do not get enough ppl to come and it ends up being just the candidates caps.  We had over 10 for city council and it was awful.  I would do end of jan or better first of feb because there are a lot of interviews with pacs in jan.  Also closer to election more ppl pay attention.  Thanks for asking-

Where to begin with this; essentially, none of this is anything I haven’t heard privately from other candidates (and one of the reason I left politics decades ago). But ALWAYS in private, NEVER in recorded form.

First, doing debates (even with small groups) is AWFUL??  Please excuse us; we just want hear those that want to represent us.

Second, and most importantly; you actually admit that the meetings with PACs take precedence over forums before the voters?? (which is EXACTLY how her words can easily be taken, whether intended or not.)

I am no political neophyte, so I know that PACs carry a lot of weight- too much weight on BOTH sides of the aisle.  And PACS are not inherently evil; heck, the North Texas Tea Party had to organize as a state PAC , just for paperwork reasons.  But to actually write that down- that you’re busy for half a month with PAC meetings-  and send it out to a grassroots organizer outside your team?

To me, it shows she is not politically astute and subject to the wrong influences- many outside the district- way too early in the process.  The former is not nearly the concern that the latter is.


17 Responses to “PAC Lady”

  1. Bryan said

    MikeO, your previous postings indicate that you just don’t care for Mabrie so this is just another feined attempt to discredit her.

    I, for one, prefer candidates who want to get out and meet the people and discover their issues and interests rather than stand on a stage behind a podium responding to artificial questions.

  2. Mike O said

    Actually, I worked with Mabrie on the tax issue. But when she filed and immediately went to Austin to be led around like a puppy dog to meet all his Austin lobbyist friends before she went out to meet the voters in her candidacy, that disappointed me. Selling out that quickly is NOT what most of us want in a representative.

  3. Tea Party Member said

    You could make the argument that Mabrie has been meeting voters in her constituency – for the last 20 years. You keep looking for reasons to support the candidates that have no track record over the candidate that has a track record of voting against tax increases, bringing businesses to Plano, and trimming millions in unnecessary spending. That’s what I want the Tea Party to be about.

    Wayne needs to be here – because frankly, those of us that have been here in Plano advocating for smaller government and lower taxes, have never even heard of the guy.

    • Mike O said

      Not sure how someone whose email address doesn’t show up in any tea party email lists that I have access to (and I have access to most local ones) can go by your label. Nor with it tied to a Vermont record store several years back could suggest they know about Mabrie’s political work for 20 years. Her TIME IN OFFICE totaled 18 months and- having been recorded as making her desire to run for McCall’s seat known for several years, it was clearly her City Council term was a holding action from the gitgo… and political posturing cannot be discounted, especially since it was clear the tax increase was going to pass anyway. She would have een more imprressive if she’d managed to actually influence other members of council to follow suit. Still, I will give her props for the vote; just not the following ‘Austin PAC walk’ (the political equivalent of a ‘perp walk’). That’s NOT running as a representative of the district.

      • Tea Party Member said

        Mike, I think having a track record of serving in elected office matters. I prefer a conservative track record over conservative rhetoric.

        My criticism of you is that you apply your standards unevenly. Let’s say that Sam Johnson announces tomorrow that he is retiring from office. Regardless of what happens in HD-66 or the county judge’s race, I think Van Taylor or Keith Self would be favored to win.

        My expectation would be that if there were a congressional opening, that the tea party would enthusiastically support Keith, even if he has to leave office early. Because what matters most is that we get a strong conservative into office. You begrudge Mabrie for engaging in conversation with PACs – yet the EXACT SAME PACs support “tea-friendly” candidates such as Ken Paxton and Jodie Laubenberg.

        Bottom line, Mike, is that I respect the heck out of you and what you’ve been able to accomplish. I just can’t figure out why you have it out for Mabrie when she does a heckuva job representing our values.

    • Mike O said

      No; it’s mainly the PACs that supported McCall, some of which DO support others locally. My opposition is simply because it’s quite clear she intends to continue the McCall legacy of appeasement to the social engineering. ‘moderate’ crowd; her early and unequivocal support for Strauss is a clear sign of that. She proved to be ‘philosophically pliable’ and it’s the McCall crowd- onw many of us committed to fighting early on- that’s ‘kneading that dough’ right now.

      Also, notice something; I have NOT criticized her decision to leave the Council and run for higher office. Others have, but I have not. It might have been nice if she’d donated the $2,400+ she’d collected for that race to help offset the city cost, but hardly necessary. The length of tenure in office ‘proving’ anything might be of question, but not the decision itself (which is understandable, given the events).

      • Tea Party Member said

        So Mabrie’s gotten $16,000 in campaign contributions from PAC’s (not the hundreds of thousands of dollars you’ve been alluding to for the last several months) and you still fault her for it. The PAC’s that supported McCall are the same PAC’s that support our other local legislators like Laubenberg and Paxton. They’re the same groups.

        While it is quite clear to you that she will “continue the McCall legacy of appeasement and social engineering,” I respectfully disagree. Her record in elected office indicates the opposite. Keep in mind, Mike, that we are electing a freshman state representative. I don’t support Straus as speaker – but I know enough to realize that he’ll probably keep that job in the next session – and that electing someone on an anti-Straus platform is the surest way to get the crap committee assignments and minimize Plano’s voice in Austin.

        You keep repeating the whole “Mabrie supports Straus” mantra. You saying it’s true doesn’t make it so. It sounds like she has met with Mr. Straus, but meeting with the Speaker of the House as a candidate seems like a pretty good way to gather insight and information – and it demonstrates the ability to navigate the halls of the capitol, which, once again, I see as an asset, not a liability.

      • Mike O said

        How quaint you are! (or at least playing the naive card.) That’s the amounts reported to date; the way the game is played is that the amounts aren’t reported until AFTER the election (Bills aren’t paid until then, or written off then).

        And how quick will those ‘crap committee assignments’ come if we elect Mabrie and Strauss gets unseated due to enough additional conservatives being elected elsewhere to destroy his very slim margin. Considering the times- with things like Scott Brown happening and Sen. Bayh today- how likely do you really think it is that conservatives won’t do that next term?

  4. Tea Party Member said

    Mike, you’re missing the point. You’re framing this conversation on the premise that we’re not on the same team. We are. I hope we have a new speaker of the house and I can’t wait for a real conservative to represent us in HD-66.

    I guess we could talk about the PAC contributions until we’re blue in the face. I simply called you out on the fact that you had falsely accused Mabrie of raising “hundreds of thousands of dollars” in Austin. That was shown to be false, so now you claim that the contributions will come after the election. Newsflash – contributions will come after the election only to the candidate that wins.

    I still don’t understand how two like-minded individuals can reach such a different conclusion, but at least we have the opportunity to cancel each other’s vote out in this one.

    • Mike O said

      “I hope we have a new speaker of the house”; won’t get that if we elect people already committed to the old Speaker, will we? And it is really hard to argue that Wayne AND Van are NOT both conservative and would vote for a new Speaker (I have been working with Wayne on Tea Party issues for almost a year now and have 45 years of political experience before that; trust me, he IS a conservative.)

      • Tea Party Member said

        That is the first time you have said “why” you support Wayne and not Mabrie. He’s been on the front lines furthering the tea party cause. I think that’s all you need to say. That’s a valid and respectable opinion. You think Mabrie will vote with and support Straus – I don’t agree, but I do know that she’ll be able to work with all of her counterparts to make a positive impact on Plano.

        I think that brings this conversation full circle – right back where we started. I’ve listed why I think Mabrie is the best choice (votes against tax increases and bond programs, actually bringing businesses to Plano, and cutting millions out of the budget).

        Listen to the priorities of each candidate – they all say we need low taxes, spending cuts and economic development. Mabrie is the only one that has done it. Thanks for all that you do, Mike.

  5. Mike O said

    She PUBLICLY ANNOUNCED her support for Strauss; what the heck else do you need?

  6. Tea Party Member said

    Mike –

    This is important, so listen up. There are 150 state representatives serving us in the legislature. Currently, Joe Straus has pledge cards from 120 of his colleagues. You may recognize the names of some of those that are already committed to supporting Mr. Straus for Speaker of the House in 2011: Jodie Laubenberg, Ken Paxton, and Jerry Madden. As you well know, Paxton and Laubenberg are among our most conservative reps.

    So should we not support them?

    Also – I guess I’m not giving up on the PAC discussion yet: Name me one (1) PAC that has given money to Mabrie that has not given to Paxton or Laubenberg.

    I apologize for getting a little off track and repetitive. I’m not trying to harp on the other two reps and how they compare to Mabrie too much. It is relevant, though, as it’s been pretty well documented that you like to use selective logic. With the information that you have provided as to why you don’t support Ms. Jackson, I see no way that the other two reps should ever be tea-approved or openshaw-approved – because the issues you bring up with Mabrie can be said of every single one of our reps in Austin.

  7. Mike O said

    And I’ll harp right back; the other donations will come in AFTER the election (to help pay off Mabrie’s personal 70K loan to start wit)h. The amount I heard from two separate Austin sources that the pledges amount UP TO 300K. But as you say, the purchase only is made upon a win. I’d rather provide them with goods they haven’t bought outright to start.

    Neither of the other candidates have been designated Heir apparent to McCall; and I’m really against Heir relationships (I had to laugh when DIck Armey’s son cratered in Denton County; I knew Dick from this early days and he got pretty full of himself).

    But neither of us is going to convince the other, so we can leve it here.

  8. Tea Party Member said

    Thanks Mike. If it happens that it is a Van/Mabrie runoff, I hope you’ll consider the amount of money from special interests that would flow to Van to pay off what will likely end up being his $500k tab.

  9. Mike O said

    Hardly: Van has LOTS of family money in an oil trust (I’ve heard to the tune of $60 million). Most people in the know realize it and, while they might offer, he’s in a position to refuse it.

    Wayne probably has a better shot and I fully expect the money interests to come running if he shows the ground strength I see. However, since his is such a massive volunteer effort and is piling up no real debt because of it, it makes it easier not to be ‘bought’, even after the fact.

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