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The Elitist Slate shows their true Colors

Posted by Mike O on February 19, 2010

Note to Mabrie: No Tea Party organization currently agrees you share ‘Tea Party Values’; especially not when you take last-minute cheap shots that have nothing to do with issues.  Take that from a Chaos voter and Goldwater conservative, Like Wayne Richard… and Rush Limbaugh.

For residents in Plano and Collin County, you need to look at the larger picture that emerges from vicious political hit pieces sent out recently, the latest ones timed specifically to reduce the chance of proper and truthful responses from the targets of the smears.  Couple that with a ‘lead’ campaign the has suddenly gone soft, with images of cute grandchildren, as opposed to the constant drumbeat of negativity.  they make up an image of a highly choreographed ballet of coordination of campaigns   A mega-campaign completely devoid of ethics that is not about issues, it’s about power.  And anything goes, just so long as the elitist get their candidates of John Muns, Mabrie Jackson and Mandy Tschoepe elected.   (The jury is still out as far as I’m concerned on John Roach and Cheryl Williams.)

Each of the attacked candidates- all of which have been running issue-oriented campaigns- will address the charges as they see fit.  They are all individuals, running their campaigns as they see fit.  We in the Tea Party movement have judged our candidates on merit and true conservative principles, knowing full well the powers that were in the background elsewhere.  We back them with heart, looking for consistent conservatism in office.  But now the other side has gone over the line.

The result of their power move- if successful- is simple; more ‘cooperation’ with the elite powers elsewhere and listening to the advice of the local ‘quality-of-lifers’.  And you can rest assured, that will involve ‘reluctant’ acceptance of regional taxing authorities for transit and Parkland.  Just like there was ‘token resistance’, followed by ‘reluctant acceptance’ of Robin Hood.

Washington and California believe in ‘quality-of-life’ as well; and you can count on these elitists to continue heading us down that road.

Myself, I cam out of political retirement because I saw the opportunity to change the way things have always been done, both locally and at higher levels.  It starts here; it starts now.  Or they’ll be nothing left for those grandkids except dependency on government for all ‘quality-of-life’.


2 Responses to “The Elitist Slate shows their true Colors”

  1. Susan Plonka said

    You say “especially not when you take last-minute cheap shots that have nothing to do with issues”, Mandy Tschoepe’s postcard pointed out that Fred gives regularly to Democratic candidates.

    I don’t know what could be closer to the “issues”. We need a Collin County GOP Chairman who actually supports the Republican party.

  2. Mike O said

    Without mentioning that he’s donated $40K to the GOP side, along with 61% going to conservative candidates DIRECTLY, as opposed to Mandy’s 9%. Fred funds conservative; Mandy funds Party machine; we need a lot more of the former than the later. This from a previous GOP county chairman.

    It also was the TIMING; this all was known long ago. but the Allyn Group knows better than to leave time for a response to go out.

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