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Sleaze Olympics Update!

Posted by Mike O on February 24, 2010

Sleaze Buster Daily!

Comedy Edition

NEWSFLASH: Newest Member Of the Greater Plano Area Poo-Flinging Team Fires a Miss!

Current GPAPF Score: 9.3 Desperation – 0.5 Character & Ethics

Duncan Webb, newest member of the Poo-Flingers (whose motto of “Straight from our toilet to your mailbox!” was on full display), tried mightily in his late attempt, digging deep into the Mun’s latrine to try to come up with a winner. Alas, his effort was deftly parried by Kathy Ward, the always cheerful veteran of the Principled Conservative team. His hope of turning a $110+K job into a part-time gig suffered a serious setback by this failure. Previously, Team Captain John Muns has been unable to make headway with shear volume of poo, while the most odiferous creation to date from teammate Mabrie Jackson have left the voting judges disappointed and repulsed. Mandy Tschoepe left the field after her failed fling, looking for a dictionary to find out what this word ‘Conservative’ means and why some people find it relevant to the contest. The Austin-based trainers of the Poo-Flingers can’t be pleased with their protégé’s performance to date.

It looks like The Poo-Flingers may have to wait a few years for another shot at victory and regional taxation, though even that might not be time enough to scrub themselves clean enough to even make the preliminaries.


To our opponents: This is what is called a ‘sense of humor’; if you develop enough of one, you can actually learn to laugh at yourself occasionally.  If you don’t learn to, the world will more than make up for your own lack of participation.  Any number of examples of me doing precisely that can be found at my Buffoonery site.  The ability to do so is a sign of being comfortable in one’s own skin (and I have a lot of skin I need to be comfortable in 🙂 )


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