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No Complaints about A Little Pain

Posted by Mike O on March 6, 2010

Just got back from hitting a hundred doors for Cathy Fang for City Council.  Knee was starting to hurt when I had the opportunity to talk to some family whose door I was always humbled to approach; the house has a Gold Star hanging in the window.  Before, I had always left a note for they weren’t home, today the fallen soldier’s widow was working in the yard.  I only talked briefly and she thanked me for my notes (this big old goon couldn’t talk long; I was choking up) but suddenly my knee pain didn’t matter.  I was out there doing what that young woman’s husband died to protect for me and others in the world.  She thanked me for the notes I left; no matter what else happens in all this campaigning, I now know I’ve done at least one important thing right.   I got my load done and sit at home humbled, prayerful  (and on Vicodin).

And I sit here thinking about others in my life.  Winnie, my wheelchair-bound ‘daughter’ in Uganda; her daily struggles would have made most people give up long ago.  Yet she not only continues on, but leads wherever she goes.  Recently she was called back to help care for her seriously ill mother; which she did without a complaint and probably saving her life with her care.  A wheelchair-bound girl in Africa; so competent and commanding.  A gift of God sent to Earth!  SHe is overly thankful for my support; how little she realizes that I am more thankful for the lessons in life I get from her.

Then there is one of my ‘nieces’ there: horror stories of her youth that can cause nightmares if just spoken.  Several years after being beaten and raped by a landlord, she now suffers from AIDs.  She is doing fairly well and continues to struggle to support herself, not wanting to be a bother.  She remains ever cheerful, with a singing voice to charm angels.  Talking to her is warm sunshine on a cold and cloudy day.

Bottom line: today reminds me: I HAVE NOTHING TO COMPLAIN ABOUT!


One Response to “No Complaints about A Little Pain”

  1. alexandra said

    Dear Michael and Family…I have never met such a wonderful, caring and loving family like yours…it is an honor…and I hope to have you for a livetime friend. God be with you and your family….your wife is a sweet lady…and I just adore both of you.

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