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You guys took long enough!

Posted by Mike O on March 25, 2010

I’ve been waiting for you supporters of ‘the powers that be’ to pull the trigger on this for over a month.  I guess a blog comment is all that you could manage, because you’ve probably had your professional consultants go over this and realize the gruel is pretty thin.  Here is the video response I taped way back then:

So, if you want to go after a ‘fat,old man with a printer’, two things will surely be accomplished: you’ll make everyone realize that it really doesn’t take much more than determination to contest the ‘powers that be’ and you’d likely assure my appearance on talk radio, maybe even a show like ‘Hannity’. So, to quote Clint Eastwood: ‘Go ahead; make my day.”  But I must thank you for the easy link to the document that clearly contains the exemption for pamphlets costing less that $500.

But maybe I need to change the name of the video to ‘A Fat, Old Rogue with a Printer’; sounds more dashing (and dashing is obviously something I gave up on a long time ago :))

I know that the ending of the day when all local political clout required membership in the right clubs or traveling in the right social circles will be hard on some people;  I’m afraid they’ll just have to get used to it.


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