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Open Invitation to all Fiscal Conservatives

Posted by Mike O on March 26, 2010

I would strongly encourage those of you who consider yourselves fiscally conservative (both personally and what you expect of government) to become active in your local tea parties. Nowhere else will you find the unity of purpose solely focused on governmental fiscal sanity at all levels.  Philosophy- and action supporting that philosophy- is all that matters with us.

I would especially encourage ethnic minorities to join in this effort.

Government has NEVER been the true friend of ethnic minorities.  That may be the intent of some kind-hearted liberals, but it has never been their implementation.  In practice, government has always bred dependence by first destroying the cultural glue that binds an ethnic group together, then ‘helping’.  With the Native American, it was the land; by moving tribes to harsher and harsher lands, they decimated the tribal cultures and enslaved the people as ‘wards of the state’.   It is no wonder that the Apache, a group most familiar with the harshest of lands were the last holdouts to ‘pacification’.  With the African-American culture, the approach was to destroy the fabric of the family through the policies of the 60s that began to reward the fatherless family and the out-of-wedlock pregnancy.  It is no coincidence that the stronger the family in a culture, the less dependent and more suspicious of government a culture is.  In Latino culture, government’s approach is to retain language segregation, to prevent the integration of Hispanics to American culture where the message is less controllable.  They advocate bilingual education, while fighting immersion efforts that are far more beneficial.  In the Asian and southeast Asian cultures, where the family is impregnable, the government advocates count on both cultures’ reluctance of becoming involved in American politics; they do nothing to encourage a change in that state.  All of this gives power to the government, NOT the ethnic minorities.  And all of that is what needs to change.

The government advocates also try to propagandize against the conservative philosophies with the ethnic minorities, claiming such groups as the Republican Party and the Tea Parties are inherently racist.  They inflate highly isolated incidents or improper conduct- or fabricate them out of thin air- to paint with a broad brush. Nothing could be further from the truth than these distortions.  What so terrifies the government advocates is that conservatism leads to LESS dependency, more self-sufficiency and more political activism.  This extends personal freedom into these cultures, which is an antithesis to big government and the power of the government advocate and the professional political class.

And let’s be frank: any group that is assumed to be monolithic is taken for granted by all.  Those brave individuals that violate that monolithic nature face two specific reactions: revulsion from those who benefit from the monolithic state and favoritism from those who oppose the benefactors of that monolithic state.  However, it the threat of punishment from someone who already takes your obedience for granted not worth suffering for not only the rewards of the opposing forces but also the freedom to think for oneself?  The last great freedom for any culture is the freedom to have a differing opinion without rebuke.

The most powerful block or groups are those that are politically active and cannot be taken for granted.   Unlike the Republican Party, that is precisely what the Tea Parties strive to become in a voting sense.  Our sole issue is fiscal sanity, along with the retention and expansion of functional liberty within a responsible society; and we are organized at the very grassroots level to allow for local variations- and local control-  of what that means.

Our goal is to give a conservative voice to be listened to for those who have long been ignored; the average taxpayer that is concerned current policies (previous Republican and current Democrat) will leave their children and grandchildren a country far worse off than it was for them.  And there is no voice more ignored than that of the ethnic minority who wants a strong family, independence, and a strong voice to direct of this nation away from ever-growing dependency on government at all levels.  And the Tea Parties want to help those voices to be heard- and feared- by the political class.  Our local group- across the northern suburban area of Dallas- is the North Texas Tea Party and- with meetings like this– we are continuing to grow and be effective.

So join us and our combined voices will help bring down these monoliths and let us build our families and our liberties strong, so we all can be judged on the “content of our character”, not what government thinks of our worth, or what we are supposed to think.

The women in my life: the wife Shin-Ning Ai and my daughter Winnifred Nazziwa.


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