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Some of what Blow missed

Posted by Mike O on April 19, 2010

Charles Blow says he saw little diversity at the Lone Star Tea Party April 15th.  I was working a booth up in the mezzanine (with people including our three steering committee members who are Americans of Latino descent), just down the way from Stephen Broden’s booth, so I didn’t get on the field much.  But Terry Wade did and this is a montage of pictures she accumulated- including the one in the lower right.  Possibly Charles Blow saw that participant first and kind of missed the rest; I know I would have! 🙂


My email to Mr. Blow:

Since you weren’t amused by that, I doubt you’ll be amused by this but I thought I’d try.  After all, humor is an essential part of life.

And, no we don’t have the racial diversity in the Tea Parties we’d like to have (but neither does the NYT Board, nor the MSNBC anchors); ours is a matter of freedom of choice of individuals. I personally put out my call as to why that should change here.   However, we are also not completely devoid of diversity, as shown in this video of our local meeting. Our small North Texas Tea Party has a 10 member executive committee, including 3 Latinos: Americans of Cuban, Mexican, and Mayan-Guatemalan descent.  We worked very hard- against local ‘establishment’ forces (pretty uniformly white) – to re-elect our GOP chairman, who is an American of African descent.  And most of us worked with a coalition of Asians, Hispanic conservatives, and Americans from the Indian sub-continent to try to elect an American of Asian descent to city council.

And you can bet I won’t for one minute put up with any racist nonsense around me.  You see, My wife is American of Chinese descent and my daughter (in all but blood) is Ugandan; true Ugandan and justifiably proudly so.  It is because of her I do NOT hyphenate Americans, because- from my time over in Uganda- I realized the Ugandans could instantly recognize ANY American, no matter what the skin color.

I hope to spend a good part of my retirement in Uganda, where I very likely will end up helping Winnie run for office (she’s a true leader, through and through) and help several other orphans there I’ve come to know to achieve the miracles of success I know them capable of.  Considering that, do you really think I’d be in the Tea Party if I thought any but the tinniest minority (which are present in ALL facets of life) thought of this in a skin tone sense?


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