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Lt. Col. Allen West

Posted by Mike O on April 23, 2010

I got to meet a great man at a Starbuck’s the other day; Lt Col. Allen west, candidate for the 22nd Congressional District of Florida.    His seminal video on YouTube here is over 2 million hits and for good reason.  The guy sums up the frustration that cause the Tea Parties to flourish.

After meeting him, I am even more impressed.  To call him a walking encyclopedia- especially on politics and history- is an insult; I haven’t seen the encyclopedia set yet that has his depth of knowledge and wisdom.  The video below- with miserable sound quality so you’ll have to listen close- shows him utterly destroying a typical Democrat’s concept of taxation.  And doing so quietly but with clear, ironclad facts and logic.

On the spur of the moment, we knew we of the North Texas Tea Party had to give him some memento.  I had a ‘TeaApproved’ button in my camera bag; Clyde Goodnight, who is current Vetting Chair, was there and he, Jim Bright and I agreed to give it to him, making his ‘TeaApproval‘ honorary (Diane Nusbaum later commented that was like ‘TeaApproving’ Ronald Reagan; a slam-dunk).  What surprised me was the obvious appreciation that LtCol. West showed for it and insisted Clyde pin the button on him.  (Q later showed up in time to give im a ‘LiberTEA’ pin as well).  He also like Jim’s RINO Hunting Association T-shirt; unfortunately, we were out of Large, so we’ll have to mail him one.

So here is the future of GOP conservatism wearing our ‘TeaApproved’ button; I consider it a great honor to our group (especially considering the stuff on his other lapel; jump wings and the like).


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