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The Left using Swastikas still OK with MSM

Posted by Mike O on May 2, 2010

The local press covered the marched here, and multiple channels showed this sign being waved without comment:

Good lesson of tolerance for the kid; democratically passed laws you disagree with are reflections of a regime that gassed 6 million. New York City had it’s own version of this, as Gateway Pundit pointed out.

Of course, the Le Rouche Democrats, infiltrating the Tea Parties with their Hitler-moustached Obama signs, causes the MSM to go on and on about the hatred demonstrated by the Tea Parties with such shocking signs.   The double standard could not be more clear.

Another interesting sign from the ‘one worlders’; I guess they want the UN running everything (now there is a terrifying thought!).  Of course, if we were similarly ILLEGAL migrants in Mexico, we’d be in jail for years.


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