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Our Upcoming Generational Political Warfare

Posted by Mike O on June 7, 2010

An interesting posting by Instapundit, where the dawning of realization about their shafting has begun in the younger generation.  Here was my response sent to Glenn Reynolds (lengthy enough I doubt that he’ll print it):

RE: readers Kyle Brackenbury and Dennis Halpin

As an old guy here (56), I have to come down on Kyle’s side on this. the two generations following my parent’s ‘Greatest’ generation have totally failed at our duty of fiscally protecting future generations.  And it will be Kyle’s generation who will now be expected to pick up the bills for the raging deficit spending- in health care and elsewhere- that our generation either supported or, through political neglect, allowed to happen.  I don’t blame Kyle’s generation for being pissed and we cannot be surprised if they fight back.  I wonder how many of Kyle’s generation will find someway to emigrate away from those bills (certainly not to Europe, but elsewhere).  At bare minimum, I expect then- once they acheive political dominance- to act to limit the amount of liability they’ll accept for our stupidity.

But otherwise, I fully expect elder care to get REALLY bad before this is over, considering the load that the Baby Boomers will put on it.  I just went through a year of nursing home care with my mother under Medicare/Medicaid and it was grim.  Where we currently have 2 to a room, I expect it to become 4-6 to a room for my generation- with very little additional staffing.  Myself, I hope to get out of it (if every possible market will quit devouring my ever shrinking retirement money) by trying to do charity work in Africa in retirement.  It may knock a decade or more off my life, but I’ll do more good, not cost the younger generations nearly as much, and will hopefully not end my days in a nightmare of neglect and suffering I envision for the Baby Boomers and the post-Baby Boom generations when they reap what they have sown.


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