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Tea Parties Going Global…and Mainstream

Posted by Mike O on June 18, 2010

UPDATE2: And who else would be creating Tea Parties but the blessed Australians! Closest thing to Texans anywhere on the planet (Arizonans are pretty close as well).

UPDATE: now the Italians are getting in the act (hey, they’re ticked anyway after getting knocked out of the World Cup early):

I guess the MSM, liberals, and the government-oriented establishment types must be pretty frustrated by the fact that the Tea Party movement is spreading globally and being taken mainstream by some people.  No, we’re NOT going away.

Tea Parties have popped up in Israel (pro-business) , the Netherlands (immigration control), Britain (taxes) and- ironically- in Moscow (fighting price controls)!  This banner is priceless and old Ronald Reagan must be having a good laugh in heaven above:

And the there is the massive irony of a federally bailed out car company producing an ad playing on the Tea Party-like imagery to hawk their subsidized product:

And then there this excellent piece by Jeremy Hoop:


2 Responses to “Tea Parties Going Global…and Mainstream”

  1. http://australianteaparty.blogspot.com/

    In a little more than a week we’ve singlehandledly stopped a slimy politician getting a ministerial position as a bribe, exposed the true nature of the public broadcaster in Australia and sent the socialist online propaganda machine into complete panic and meltdown. We will keep fighting… and WE WILL WIN!

    Gary Walker,
    EUREKA! the Australian Tea Party

  2. Mike O said

    Gawd, I’ve always loved the Aussies! Closest things to Texans on the planet, I think.

    Keep at them, Gary! Principle above Party!

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