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Incompetence as Committee Chair

Posted by Mike O on June 22, 2010

The NE Tarrant County Tea Party planned to accost their State Representative Todd Smith about his inability to pass Voter ID legislation, so I went to see what was up.  I’ve watched a lot of politicians try to talk their way out of a corner, but I’ve never watched one spend over 100 minutes of speed talking to try to do so.    Here is just a sample:

What I saw was essentially a whiny, inept, compromising lawyer-politician use Strauss??? and Austin newspaper writeups??? to defend himself and willing to blame just about anybody else for his failure.   He spent a great deal of time explaining the Democrat’s arguments against voter ID- especially cost issues.  Then extensively spoke on what a fight it would be to get any voter ID through the courts due to Democrat control (My response: ‘Bring it on!’).  Then all the convoluted discussion on timing and why ‘it wasn’t my fault!’.  He puts a lot of blame on Betty Brown, who did not survive the primaries so is not in a position to defend herself.

Frankly, it was downright embarrassing and this man’s incompetence and excessively compromising approach certainly is not what this state needs to reduce voter fraud.  It might do for the IPCC in Uganda, but not for Texas.

The one good thing it did was make me truly appreciate the strength of the Collin county contingent of State Representative.  Jodie Laubenburg, Ken Paxton, Van Taylor and even Jerry Madden have far more principle and ability in their toenails than Todd Smith has in his entire body.  I would strongly urge our County delegation to help the GOP get someone else to lead the Elections Committee so they won’t continue to be humiliated.  As for my brethren in North East Tarrant County, I would suggest you get someone who is more principled, competent, and tough in the next election cycle to replace this fellow.


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