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The NAACP Declaration on the Tea Parties

Posted by Mike O on July 17, 2010

I have been surprisingly ambivalent about the declaration of the NAACP ‘asking for the repudiation of racist Tea Party leaders‘.  It’s really hard for me- as a leader of our local Tea Party– to take this as anything but a simple attempt for publicity (now successful, with the hyperventilating response of some) and an effort to assist the increasing desperate Democratic Party.

And, considering my extended family, I find the charge downright silly.  Here I am with wife Shih-Ning and ‘daughter’ (in all but blood) Winnifred (Disclaimer: I’m sadly no longer this thin. )

Indeed, I’ll miss out on part of the campaign efforts in October because I have to go to Uganda to see Winnie graduate from college.  Since I haven’t convinced the ladies of my life that I’m a racist, why should I worry about people who don’t know me?

I am not a racist, I do not knowingly associate with racists and repudiate racist beliefs that I have NEVER seen in the Tea Party groups.

The NAACP (a group whose very name shows how antiquated they are) also went on demanding that the Tea Parties help with civil rights.  That is a big part of what I support: advancing the civil right of people NOT to have to rely or be dependent on government.  The basic civil right of independence should be sought and available to all.  This is what I try to instill in the orphans I work with Uganda, that any long-term dependence on me or other donors is a loss of their personal freedom. A hand up is sometimes required- for the purpose of proudly standing (or in my daughter’s case- sitting) independently.  And, hopefully, for repaying the original hand up in the future by doing likewise themselves (several are already working on it).

I also am an advocate of the last right that seems to be out of reach of non-whites in this country; the right to have a differing opinion without physical or verbal retribution.  ‘Uncle Tom’ needs to be reserved for older relatives with a first name of ‘Thomas’.  And ‘Oreo’ needs to go back to being a cookie.

As for my support for strong borders and immigration enforcement, that too is a support for human rights.  An individual here illegally- whatever the skin tone or first language- is subject to significant harassment and abuse. From pay, basic safety, legal and criminal protection, illegal aliens inherently are denied rights at some level.  Legalization in a controlled manner requires two things: the rule of law- applied primarily through the workplace- and a fully controlled border.  Rule of law also requires the same immigration laws apply to all; those who have been here illegally and those going through the normal process (like my wife had to).  Once those conditions are realized, the rights of ALL immigrants will be applicable equally.

These rights I and my fellow Tea Party associates are strongly advocating.  Rights of equality, something the NAACP used to stand for- a very long time ago.  And because I am very comfortable in my own thoughts and actions on this point, I am only disappointed that a very old and venerable organization damages their legacy with such ludicrous accusations. It’s not worth getting angry about.

However, if people still are skeptical about my intentions, they could ask some of the candidates I’ve worked for.  I got pretty cooked in the heat yesterday, doing door-to-door work for Stefani, who is on the right below. I’ll be out again this afternoon (Sunday) still at it; at least I don’t have to wear body armor in even worse heat, like some of our military is doing in service to this country.  Me, I’m just getting a free sauna while doing my civic duty.


3 Responses to “The NAACP Declaration on the Tea Parties”

  1. Chisum said

    Mike O,

    Greetings from a fellow TEA Party patriot (Las Cruces, NM).

    Congrats on your lovely family. Keep up the good work.

  2. Cody Baker said

    Right on bro! My wife came here too, through the front door, from Taiwan. Thanks for your work for Stefani’s campaign! I was going to talk this weekend, but had a family emergency that prevented me from going out there. Keep it up and see you Wednesday night…

    • Yarbyaya said

      I am a volunteer working with Tim Cox of GOOOH [Get Out of Our House!] and would very much like to converse with you directly via email, please? Will you please email me at yarbyaya@hotmail. Thank you!

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