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SEIU With Guns

Posted by Mike O on September 1, 2010

The Tea Parties have dealt a lot with attempts to intimidate us out of our First Amendment rights, but NOTHING on the scale I witnessed tonight in a supposedly public hearing on Collin County budget.  The issue of the reduction of the pension match from 250% to 150% pales in comparison to the major problem in the Courthouse working culture I witnessed tonight.

The first stunning act: the shutout of the normal citizens to allow the county employees to pack the room for themselves, leaving nothing but standing room and the hallways for the average taxpayer.  How that came about I’ll leave to an interview I recorded.

Then there was the general tenor of the pro-employee speakers; it was as if it was about sacrificing their first-born.  It is NOT a good situation, and there are good arguments to be made to support retaining the pension.  But the sense of entitlement, the lack of recognition of the right of the commission and the taxpayer  to consider the issue, was eyeopening.

Some of the stunning assumptions from the public sector employees that are non-existent in terms of the private sector?

  • Retirement after 20 years, or even less
  • Retirement by 60
  • Pay for overtime; a couple hours of unpaid overtime is a sign of great commitment and dedication
  • Job Security
  • Benefit cost increases to the $20 – $40 range is substantial

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