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Changing the Future

Posted by Mike O on September 13, 2010

Nine years ago this Saturday, a group of strangers on an airplane banded together and made a decision to do something about their plight.  The tale of what they did and the sacrifice they made, giving their lives in service to this country, has probably been as responsible for preventing a repeat of that horrific day as any airport security measures since.  We will never forget those riveting, final words: “Let’s Roll!”

They decided to do something about the apparent inevitability of what they faced and changed the future.  Our task of fighting the inevitability of national bankruptcy is not dangerous, but is no less daunting.  I ask you to honor those on UA 93 this Saturday by standing against the fiscal insanity we face and DO SOMETHING!  In this case, I ask you to find a political campaign that will help turn the corner and volunteer for it; any campaign to replace a liberal spender with a fiscal conservative will do and volunteer hours are often worth much more than a straight donation.  Knocking on doors, or making phone calls for a candidate requires only a tiny amount of the bravery that was shown on UA 93.  But your decision might just make a tiny difference and maybe- just maybe- that tiny change is what is needed.:


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