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Forgive Them for They Have No Clue of What They Do.

Posted by Mike O on November 9, 2010

I went to the Plano City Council meeting last night (I was specifically invited by one council member; they are looking into zero-based budgeting, which is exactly what they should be using).  Councilman Ben Harris walked by and said: ‘What are you doing here; we’re not spending any money tonight.” Classic political class snobbery; we Tea Party types get used to it.

At the end of the meeting I ran into him again and told him: “You just voted on spending over $1,270,000; perhaps you need to pay attention to what you do.”  He was really taken aback; he actually didn’t realize it.

The political class, even at the City Council level, really acts like the money just falls out of the sky magically.  That’s one way to tell them from the real public servants; and one thing to look for when looking to replace people on City Councils.


3 Responses to “Forgive Them for They Have No Clue of What They Do.”

  1. Keep fighting the good fight, sir.

    Some people still do not understand that “free” is a false concept.

    (I blame General Mills)

  2. Ben Harris said


    Know that my comments to you were rather light-hearted in manner and meant to illustrate the fact that compared to many of the other city council meetings you’ve attended, from tax rate discussions to the Samaritan Inn, there was nothing on the agenda on Monday night that was particularly controversial. I hope you continue to come to meetings, and even more importantly, please consider letting me or any of my colleagues know ahead of time or at the meeting itself if there’s anything on the agenda that you object to. I’m always available via e-mail or cell phone. There were no surprises on Monday night’s agenda, and to insinuate otherwise is false.

    As you point out, the real positive from the meeting was the information received pertaining to zero-based budgeting as well as what additional changes we can make to the current target/priority-based budgeting process to ensure that there is complete transparency and additional levels of specificity as we start the planning for coming years.

    Thank you,

    Ben Harris

    • Mike O said

      Ben, I’ll try to be there as I can. Trying to fry bigger fish in Austin at the moment (Joe Straus). And it is meetings EXACTLY like this one there needs to be an occasional voice of the taxpayer there to remind you what you are doing, even in the non-controversial areas. Your evident surprise at the amount at the time shows that voice is long overdue. Those ‘non-controversial’ items spent the yearly tax revenue of over 1,000 home just like mine! So, Ben; how much thought did you put in on this stuff?

      My mother served on the council of my hometown in the late 60s and accomplished something quite radical; she got ALL of the Council actually to READ most everything they were sent. She served only 2 years, but got the Police a new Station and helped hire George Pyle as City Manager (someone Tom knew). He stayed with the city for 30 years and when my Mom passed on, 38 years after leaving the city, the local paper published a half page obituary article because of the legacy of those two years. That’s what doing your homework- especially on the selection of the City Manager- can lead to.

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