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Educational Perspective

Posted by Mike O on December 11, 2010

My recent trip to Uganda, after a too-long three year hiatus, was definitively an eye-opener.  Especially in the area of education.  At one end was being awaken every morning for over a week by the gathering and initial, disciplined recitation of a pre-school class of 76 crammed into a single classroom, managed by one teacher.

In the middle, the appalling state of materials being overcome by horribly paid, but dedicated teachers:

all the way to was the joyous college graduation- and the related celebration- of my daughter Winnie, a product of such hardships, and as fine an intellectual as I’ve met.

More than anything, it reminded me that education is more about desire, focus, discipline and moral support by family and community, than facilities and expenditures.  There is no question, facilities and expenditures can help if the other elements are in place; but the LACK of the initial components CANNOT be made up for with money.  THAT is more the reason the Chinese- and others- are kicking our tails in the area of education, as clearly demonstrated by these results.  And, until we start bringing back the basics of desire, focus, discipline and day-to-day family support, throwing money is simply a waste of resources we borrow from future generations.


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