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The Next Generation is Doing Great

Posted by Mike O on March 7, 2011

Well, Alan had his 6 months review and got a boost in pay for his exceptional performance.  With his shifter differential, he’s now paid more that his Old Man; Proud of him!  Another review like that and he’ll get promoted and that will be great.

And now I’ve gotten great news about BOTH of my saviors during my last visit to Uganda. Esther Gray, the lovely young lady who dropped what she was doing to come to help Ritah in the recovery of my stolen camera.  She was able to pull a paid position with a fine Children’s charity: Children At Risk National Collaboration of Christian Agencies.  She had been volunteering for them and the competition for the paisd slot was stiff.  She claims the website I put together for them at her request was the turning point to her favor.  I doubt it; I think they just realized what an excetional employee she would be, but I’m flattered and pleased if it the website above was a help to her.  A little bit of repayment for her kindness.

And I just heard that Ritah Namwiza, who had pulled a paying job earlier, is doing extremely well.  I’ll bet her employer is fast tracking her for the great things she is capable of.  I give her at the most 3 years before she a Director for a local NGO.  She and her colleagues at LEAD Africa are also establishing leadership programs is several schools.  They are making great use of my small financial efforts to get them rolling.   Ritah, Esther and my daughter Winnie (who has a couple prospects herself) represent the future of their country and I am proud to be some small help to them.

Good things happening for the next generation; a good legacy to have.


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