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Why I’m Taking a Political Sabbatical

Posted by Mike O on April 16, 2011

I’m very tired- more of the soul, than the body.  I see all the sound and fury of the birth of our Tea Party effort, hoping that something could sustain things from a philosophical, not a personality standpoint.  It has yet to be determined if that is going to occur, but the time for my particular skill sets seem to be at ebb.  Others will have to carry the torch for awhile; the wounds- both front and back- need to heal awhile.  This is an easy decision to make for one without personal political ambition.

I will maintain the North Texas Tea Party web presence and email lists, but others will need to pick up the slack elsewhere if they want the other aspects (meetings, etc.) to continue.  At this point, I would plan on returning to the other parts of the fray in September.  Things could change, but it would take a personal call to action from someone I politically respect, and the number of people who fall into that category is small and gets smaller almost every day.  (Listening to a speech of one of those very few as I write this; Rep. Allen West).


2 Responses to “Why I’m Taking a Political Sabbatical”

  1. Mike,

    I am astonished that you have run out of gas. You picked a particularly bad time to run out of energy, what with RINOs running for Dallas city council, and Richardson ISD wanting to issue a new bond program, using the rather dubious statement “It won’t raise your taxes”. At this point, I am looking for my taxes to go back DOWN and take a rather dim view of politicians who consider a spending program to be good because it (supposedly) won’t raise the tax rates even more than they are already.

    Even if your soul is not in it, we need your body to work for our cause. Can you do that?


    • Mike O said

      Bob, if all of these aspects are dependent on me working on them, then we’re in SERIOUS trouble. I have to make a living as well- especially now that we’re a one-income family. It’s time for others to step up, especially those who actually LIVE in the areas I’ve ended up working (like Dallas and Richardson).

      The 2012 election are going to be especially critical; I’m working on getting recharged for that.

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