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People take Politics too Personally

Posted by Mike O on April 24, 2011

I’m currently in the middle of multiple political firefights and am ticking off a BUNCH of traditional political people.  One fight is because I dared to challenge a somewhat questionable bill- put forth by someone viewed as a solid conservative- that he tried to slide through the consent agenda.  It is one of those ‘Private-public’ things with ‘innovative’ financing; not like I haven’t been raising questions about such things for about 40 years.  In the area affected, half of the people are upset with the rep and half are upset with me; the first half will come around to being ticked at me after they’ve been smooth-talked.  But corporate welfare on the taxpayers risk and expense has to stop like all other non-core government functions until we get a better grasp on current and future government expenditures.

In the other scuffle, traditional political conservatives are upset with me with my redistrict efforts, where I am advocate something of a compromise (not as much of one as conservatives fear) with the maps submitted by the powers that be.  The conservatives- in insisting on no compromise- risk replaying the House Speaker fight. which we lost badly.  they insist on trying to get 100% of the loaf, rather than 75% of it (and half of the rest obtainable in the next primary with a good scape).

It’s a good thing I DON”T have political ambition;  traditional political type don’t understand that the issues are to be fought, that personal loyalties don’t mean you can’t vehemently disagree on one or two points, and that the time for keeping everything ‘under the cover’ is passed. Open and transparent governance is essential- especially for conservatives.



One Response to “People take Politics too Personally”

  1. Roger said

    “Because then Palin might actually come across looking fairly bright, something that is taboo in press coverage of conservative women.”

    Right on. (Sorry about posting here, but I’m banned at Hot Air for not agreeing with AP all the time.)

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