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E-Verify is ‘Anti-Plano and Anti-Business’ ??

Posted by Mike O on June 4, 2011

So claims Pat Gallagher, Candidate for Plano City Council.  Amazing that the simple process of actually validating the information every business is already required to gather in an I-9 via an easy-to-use, FREE online service is “Anti-Plano and anti-business”.  (See http://www.dhs.gov/files/programs/gc_1185221678150.shtm for details)

Below is an emailed letter, nearly hysterical in presentation, which Pat sent out in desperation: the complete dissection of the misrepresentations will appear below:

From: “Patrick Gallagher” <gallagherpw@verizon.net
Date: June 3, 2011 10:29:15 AM CDT
To: “Patrick Gallagher” <gallagherpw@verizon.net
Subject: My Plano City Council Opponent Aligns With North Texas Tea Party   

Dear Friends,
I entered this race to help maintain and improve the quality of the life for our citizens. I promised myself to keep my integrity intact and make this campaign experience genuine and focused on the ideals that spurred me to run for Plano City Council Place 7. 

Last week the North Texas Tea Party Legislative Chair proposed to City Council Runoff candidates they sponsor a City of Plano Ordinance requiring ALL businesses in Plano to have an annual Business License requiring a $10,015 per employee fee. If businesses used E-Verify and provided an ANNUAL certification that the business used E-Verify, then there would be a $10,000 credit for every employee.

The first candidate that agreed would receive the support of supposedly over 1,000 Tea Party backers.

I told them *NO*, the Ordinance was one of the most anti-Plano,
anti-business development moves I’ve seen in a long time. This would place Plano at a distinct disadvantage recruiting against neighboring cities unencumbered with E-Verify business license requirements.

My opponent committed to supporting and Vote *YES* for this Ordinance.

Should this be the focus of your next Councilman?   

Where to even begin:  First off, while such a proposal DOES exist, Greg (and even many of us in the NTTP) thinks the numbers are way too excessive.  What Greg HAS promised to do is to work within the council to come up with an effective and reasonable approach to encourage and reward E-Verify usage within the businesses of Plano. He is the first to have the courage to do so.  

And again, what is E-Verify?  It is an online service that validates the gathered I-9 information that doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes per employee and is more than 99% effective (The 96.9% listed on the site leaves 3.1% as not automatically verified: the VAST MAJORITY of those are PROPERLY invalid; one would think most honest businesses would want those corrected.) E-Verify is NOT discriminatory; every employee undergoes it and it serves as a deterrent to identity theft.  A lot of businesses are already adopting it, the local Taco Bells being an example.  A recent Supreme Court decision (5-3) proclaimed that efforts to even MANDATE its use are constitutional: Giving a specific financial encouragement to do so certainly passes muster.   

Greg Myer has had the courage to commit to working with the other council members and city staff to come up with a viable and business-friendly ordinance.  This is the type of listening to the constituency and innovative thinking that will serve ALL Plano citizens well. What we DON’T need is hyperbole, political gamesmanship and ‘gotcha games’ that Pat Gallagher seems determined to play.  I encourage all Plano voters to consider which approach you prefer and vote for the adult in the race.


3 Responses to “E-Verify is ‘Anti-Plano and Anti-Business’ ??”

  1. Doesn’t it make more sense for an E-Verify mandate to be via state law if the federal government is not willing to promote citizenship? While I am all for E-Verify, it does seem like E-Verify mandates at the municipal level would indeed encourage businesses to move to neighboring municipalities that don’t require the extra nuisance accounting and paperwork.

    If a business license fee is established, then 1$ per employee (deferred upon verification that E-Verify was used) should be sufficient in order for the full weight of the ordinance to take effect. Businesses which violate the terms of the license would have their license revoked.


    • Mike O said

      Unfortunately, the State level failed this session; you can thank Straus leadership for that Bob. (We were right on that one.)
      But I agree that the fees need to be quite reasonable, but should include enough to cover a SMALL amount of additional work by the City. Something that can be worked out, if a candidate is looking to be responsive to the voters, as opposed of desperately looking to use scare tactics to win an election

  2. Dub said

    This is not the business of City government. Immigration policy, law, and enforcement must come from the Federal Government.

    This is a horrible idea: More governmental regulation, and a hidden tax. Is the NT Tea Party now in favor of raising taxes?

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