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The Illegal Alien Problem and the True Source

Posted by Mike O on July 24, 2011

It isn’t the poor sod who ‘swims the river’ and brings little education, no English, but a solid work ethic with him.  It isn’t the family he either brings with him or creates here.

It is the system that makes use of him or her.  And that system does not like to be messed with, as we recently saw in the Sanctuary Cities fight down in Austin.

This was a most complex Kabuki theater played out in the State Legislature, a choreographed dance. The bills were crafted in both houses- and scheduled in such a way- to allow the GOP machine to vote for the bill in each house.  This allowed the GOP regulars to supposedly earn immigration bonafides for the next election, but because each bill was different enough, it went into conference committee where it was essentially ‘chubbed’ until it was too late to pass a consensus bill.

But the Governor messed it up for the Austin Machine by giving in to the pressure from the ‘Great Unwashed’ and putting it into the special session at the last minute, leaving no time for the subtle sleight of hand.  As discussed HERE and HERE, it came down to orders being issued by just a handful of big donors NOT to pass the restrictions on Sanctuary Cities. Bob Perry of Perry Homes (who donated over $3 MILLION to state candidates last year),  HEB’s Charles Butt (almost $500K last year) , Dr. Steve Hotze of the supposedly Conservative Republicans of Texas (over $700K last year), and Norman Adams of  Texas GOP Vote.  Four men said that Sanctuary Cities will remain, even though only 17% of Texans support their existence . Money over the clear wishes of the citizens.  These guys don’t lay out that kind of money out of the kindness; it’s to guarantee they get what they want out of Austin.

Understand, these mega-donors are a major reason the Texas legislature is as conservative as it is.  When the have no skin in the game, they lean to the conservative side.  However, principle gives way to what they feel their business needs; and what they feel their business needs is a large pool of semi-slave labor.  Labor that does not have the cost and complexity of disability coverage, medical benefits, and labor law restrictions. Essentially, some parts of the old Southern plantation constructs have returned; but these are in violation of the Rule of Law.

But the biggest problem is this: the customer base has come to tolerate and even expect the use of illegal labor to keep direct prices low (The cost of basic medical care and some other benefits are hidden- paid by government in various illegal immigrant support programs.) .  And the individual American citizens use illegal labor themselves for lawn work, cleaning, and other services. American citizens cannot possibly compete with these costs, even in our current desperate unemployment; at least not legally.  Only by entering the ‘underground economy’- where income is hidden from the government- can an American join in.  One has to wonder how many people currently collecting unemployment ARE working- but keeping the income ‘off the books’. (This opens up another large topic on the degradation of personal morality; another time).

Even in the more technical fields, the H1B industry is still booming while millions of technically-train American citizens have been unemployed for years.  Many would even take the jobs at the cost factor of the H1B and the consulting firm, but it is the employee-related costs involved that make it preferable to continue the charade of ‘we can’t find Americans with these skills’ that is played here.

And the situation was made MUCH worse with the passage of Obamacare; the major increases in costs and employer  regulatory costs will drive MORE of the economy underground- and to using illegal and ‘off the book’ labor.

The solution HAS to come one source- the mirror.

We MUST grow intolerant of illegal-labor usage in our economic decisions and must be willing to pay more for legal labor.  I, for one, eat more often at our local Taco Bells after they put up their E-Verify signage and Our lawn is done by a Chinese LEGAL immigrant. Until we do that, it is hypocritical to demand illegal immigration enforcement legislation.  And we must advocate for legislation the at least allows us to know companies have done some basic due diligence in hiring (E-Verify) and make it simpler and cheaper for companies to actually hire people.


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