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I Can Call them

Posted by Mike O on August 6, 2011

I wrote this 3 years ago, predicting our kids will start considering emigrating in 5 years- even BEFORE Obama’s election. And I am beginning to hear such talk from some youngsters. The picture is of a grocery shopper in Zimbabwe- is where BOTH parties are taking us.    I also wrote another commentary about the same time on so-called GOP ‘Leadership’; both the assessment and the possible source of better people is applicable.  This was an interesting post I wrote about our economic choices in the 2008 election between Obama’s quick economic death and McCain’s slow one.  Again, pretty good predictions.  And this shows that I was just as ugly about Bush’s socialism as I am about Obama’s

In current news, the only thing that one can say about the administration plan to print more worthless money in a QE3 in response to the first ever downgrade in American bond ratings:  The U.S. administration has given us final, undeniable proof that they are insane at the rubber-room level.


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