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Message to the GOP ‘Get-a-Longs’

Posted by Mike O on August 10, 2011

The North Texas Tea Party meeting tonight was interesting; we had a handful of party ‘get-a-long’ types trying to sell the Party machine line.

Folks, look at the graph below:

The GOP has got to clean up it’s OWN house as well because the increasing spending in the GOP years in control also added to the problem.  And the leadership settling for the third, watered-down package in DC help lead us to the downgrade.  The ‘get-a-long’ crew refuses to recognize the math.  And that also goes for those in Austin as well.  This last state budget was every bit as much full of fictitious numbers ans the budgets in DC; that HAS to change. Math is NOT subjective and making it so leads to far greater pain down the road. It is THAT reason we have to fight through the good-old-boy network, and replace enough people to get them to listen to cold , hard math and their constituents over the professional political class.

This battle is not personal, folks; it is on principle and on who the representatives actually represent; us or the ‘Austin machine’.  It is not a personal insult to challenge a long-term incumbent in a primary; it is a decision that someones else’s policies would be better and to let the voters make that determination.  I personally like many of the people to be opposed; I just want different policies.  Things have to changes, or our grandchildren will emigrate to get jobs and get away from our bills, as I have warned about for well over 3 years (even before Obama).

I am sure the ‘Tag-a-longs’ reported back we are ‘unreasonable’.  It ain’t us; it’s the numbers.


4 Responses to “Message to the GOP ‘Get-a-Longs’”

  1. Thanks for the update Mike. I was just about to send you an email to ask how the NTTP meeting went last night because I had to miss it.

    I’m with you on this argument too.

    • Mike O said

      Brian, I ask how far these people want to take this and got specific. Over half want to even primary SAM JOHNSON; even after me soft-selling against it in the question lead-up! That is a group of people desperate for fundamental change.

  2. It looks like both parties are historically big-spenders. The main difference between the parties seems to be what they like to spend the money on. Republicans like to spend the money on the military and Democrats like to spend the money on social programs. Ultimately, entitlement programs (which are not budgetary items) will eat our lunch.

    Evaluating the size of the budget based on GDP is totally wrong. It should always be evaluated based-on inflation-corrected spending per capita. A plot of year-normalized budget vs population growth would be most interesting to see.

    The Tea Party needs to get smart and focus on winning entire wars rather than just individual battles. Excessive party alignment weakens Tea Party effectiveness.


    • Mike O said

      Our specific Tea Party operates primarily in Collin County; the GOP is the ONLY real game in town there. But there is another aspect to the equation; the GOP leadership is at least within striking distance of many of the Tea Party principles. The Democratic leadership’s entire power base is based on things in direct opposition to those principles (although many of the rank and file are not as far as you’d think is some areas).
      We will remain independent of the Parties, so we can commend or criticize based on something both have lost; principles of sound fiscal policies and common sense social values.

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