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The Fight Against Racism & Bigotry Continues

Posted by Mike O on August 13, 2011

….and I hope that by the time they shovel dirt in my face that we’ve put a big dent in it.  As an older, white Tea Party leader, I plan to do my part for the rest of my days.

White males such as me still are overly privileged in one regard throughout America.  We are allowed to have any sort of political opinion we choose to have without receiving extra abuse or ludicrous levels of scrutiny. Non-whites with one political viewpoint are rewarded with less abuse and scrutiny, but very higher levels if they hold another view.  This also is true for white women.  And this is racism and bigotry at its worse, to expect one’s skin color or ethnic makeup to determine the political viewpoint (or cultural beliefs) one should hold and to punish those that don’t. And don’t even get me started about the extreme double standard strong conservative women in political office face.

To expect automatic support for an entitlement culture that- either by accident or design- destroys self-reliance and family structure, is equally repugnant. The fact that the Left seems to believe that some need to give extra leeway on qualifications, behavior and/or work ethic based on any demographic component is condescending at the least, elitist at the worst.  Economic aspects may require affected individuals may require a hand up or consideration, but it should ALWAYS be aimed at granting the greatest freedom; the freedom of self-reliance.

If it makes some people more comfortable, I’ll accept that the incompetent European socialistic tendencies of our current president come from the Caucasian side of his family.  Being I slammed his all-Caucasian predecessor for showing the same tendencies with TARP, there is some validity to the argument.  Claiming opposition to Obama is based in any major regard on the tone of his skin is a last-resort argument to squelch and delegitimize the opposition.

I hope God grants me the privilege of watching an African-American lay his hand on a Bible and be sworn in again as Commander-in-Chief.  And I will celebrate the day I can address him as President Allen West, knowing the reborn soul of the Conservative Movement that Goldwater, then Reagan carried, is back in the White House.  And I could die a happy man at that point, knowing there was hope for America and that ALL political privileges have finally been granted to ALL citizens of America. And that Oreo has gone back to being a cookie and a coconut is something that falls out of a palm tree.

Besides, I need plenty of practice.  In my retirement, I’ll be in Uganda, helping my daughter Winni Nazziwa and several of the rest of my ‘kids’ there working on improving the treatment and viewpoints on both women and the supposedly ‘handicapped’ (In Winnie’s case, she is ‘wheel-mobilized’; there ain’t nothing handicapped about my girl!)  Not a bad way for a mean, old Tea Partier to spend the last of his days (if I get that far; one never knows).


2 Responses to “The Fight Against Racism & Bigotry Continues”

  1. Would you be offended if President Herman Cain preceded President Allen West? Herman Cain is the darker-complected candidate this time around. Perhaps he is not the ardent Tea Partier that Allen West is but it seems to me that he knows which end is up. I like his ideas on tax policy.

    I watched the Republican debates with a goal of eliminating candidates from consideration. Several candidates which were previously considered (by the pundits) to be the most worthy have already been eliminated from my consideration. Herman Cain has not been cut from my list yet.

    Hopefully we are not headed for a “Bob Dole” or “John McCain” (“it’s his turn”) sort of moment. We need someone who can win the general election.


    • Mike O said

      Herman Cain is on my list as well, but he has a certain lack of political wherewithall that makes it easy to get him to stumble. He’s got a long shot, but I’d be MUCH happier with him as president (or VP) that many others in the fray (Romney, Pawlenty,, Gingrich).

      But even Herman is not the visionary that I see in Allen West. The man is brilliant in all the right areas; I saw that in the Starbucks and I haven’t seen that since Reagan left the scene.

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