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My Primary Recommendations

Posted by Mike O on April 15, 2012

During the North Texas Tea Party’s TeaApproval process, I had the privilege of meeting with over a score of candidates, most vying for Texas State Representative slots across the metroplex area. The explanation and the results of our Tea Approval process are here;  Jim Bright did an EXCEPTIONAL job running the show and all kudos for it belong to him. His insight honed as a professional headhunter proved priceless.  I don’t significantly disagree with any of the decisions made.

I have some personal commentary to add to specific races and candidates, however.

Of all the candidates we vetted and interviewed, many seem sound in terms of keeping to the Tea Party once in office.   However, two ‘newbies’ stood out as exceptional for conservative leadership potential.

Matt Rinaldi, running in House District 115 (Jim Jackson’s old district in Carrollton) is one.  I consider Matt a leader from the mind: his concepts and explanations of the way governance SHOULD be are iron-clad and convincing.  He is pitted against a powers-that-be type in Ratliff and a special interest candidate

The race that took the most to discuss was the House District 67; 5 candidates, all but one have some sort of conservative background.  But it was Jeff Leach that impressed all of us as the one most certain to remain conservative after reaching Austin.  What first actually impressed me was in a first one-on-one meeting with him, nearly the first words out of his mouth were something that he knew would likely see as a negative, even possibly a showstopper.


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