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The GOP needs to change the tenor and tack of the Abortion Issue

Posted by Mike O on November 8, 2012

This one will likely tick off a lot of Social Conservatives, but the bottom line is this; they are NOT being successful at substantially reducing abortions.  And the way the issue is currently being handled by the GOP IS damaging the cause with people who are NOT ‘All-or-None’ types, most of which are young people.

The presentation of the political goal for the Republican Party is that the GOP stands for reducing abortions to the absolutely bare minimum and the elimination of abortions for contraceptive purposes.  This grants leeway within the Party effort to define what bare minimum is; the Social Conservatives view of none but the life of the mother and the view that includes rape and incest are both accepted- and argued WITHIN the framework of the Party.

But there ALSO has to be a open and frank discussion of the practical problems of a rape-incest except; the fact that- with that exception, there would be MANY innocent men accused of rape, just to get the abortion.  Think false accusations of rape don’t happen?  They happen all the time- to avoid disclosure of infidelity, to get back at boyfriends and family members, etc.  Anyone who has worked around an emergency room can tell you this.  Admitting this reality and addressing the seriousness of such spurious charges takes NOTHING away from the condemnation and punishment rape SHOULD result in.

The discussion can then be turned to the sheer VOLUME of abortions done; over 80,000 per year in Texas alone.  The vast majority of people will find this a moral outrage, even those who support some level of abortions.  The light needs to be shined on the fact this is an amoral grist mill industry, holding itself separate from common medical practices- and regulation.  That there are many,many cases of multiple abortions that should NEVER happen.  It needs to be done away with as a contraceptive tool, with other forms of contraception insisted upon (and if those fail; well, you paid your nickel and took your chance; welcome to parenthood and responsibility).

My socially conservative friends will consider this a sellout position and a slight on absolute moral clarity.  My view is the situation is we are currently in an ‘All-or-None’ environment, we have been getting ALL for decades.  And the majority of people would rather reduce the slaughter in Texas from 80,000 to 800 than not reduce it at all out of moral righteousness.


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