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Time to ask for help

Posted by Mike O on November 21, 2013

I HATE asking for help; I always have.  All of you know I ALWAYS put my own money where my mouth is and RARELY ask for any help in the things I do, whether charity of politics.  But my resources simply aren’t there for this one.  Not since the wife lost her job and became a full-time ‘family manager’ between her elderly parents and my sones medical nightmare last year.

My girl Winnie Nazziwa needs a new wheelchair.  Her current one is 6 years old and has held up well but there are limits in a country where they serve more as off-road vehicles than rolling on smooth cement like here.  Cost of a new one is $500-$600, since they have to be custom-built (custom ones in the U.S. are $2000 up and generally NOT off-road capable; Alan’s was $4k- covered by insurance, fortunately). It would take me 4-5 months to scrape it together, with the other support work I do over there in Uganda.  And I’d like to get it done for Christmas (spirit of the season and all that).

I will NOT be setting up something up a GoFundMe type online link for this.  Such sites take about 8% and I want to make sure EVERY PENNY donated goes to the chair.  And, frankly, I want to thank every donor PERSONALLY not via internet.

UPDATE:  I forgot to make this clear.  As much as I appreciates generous offers I have already received from some, I cannot, in good conscious, take donations from ANY officeholders or candidates for office.  My role in the Tea Party precludes this at this time.

If I raise more than needed, I will give any excess to Winnie, who is just starting a job teaching handicapped kids and it WILL go to support critical needs- and I’ll get reports on every bit of it.

So, if you feel willing, contact me and I’ll be happy to pick up any donations my friends could manage or when you meet me at various meetings.  Or contact me if you need to mail them and I’ll give you my address.  I’ll have a fund jar at my office at all times.


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