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Callling in All Friends (and Favors)

Posted by Mike O on February 5, 2014

Many of you also may know about my decade-long work in Africa on what many would consider charity (I consider it ‘people investment’). Well, that work is arriving LOCALLY and the Children of Uganda  (Here is a quick intro to COU) music and dance troupe- 22 of the finest and most talented kids you are likely to ever see- have agreed to put on a performance.  I have been working with the Alliance of Elite Youth Leadership to help pull this together, another GREAT group worthy of support.  The basic information:

Children of Uganda Tour of Light
Saturday February 15th, 6:30- 8:30pm (NEW TIME!)
Faubion Middle School
2000 Doe Rollins, McKinney, TX 75069 (MAP)
Tickets will be $20 at the door, $15 for kids 4-11, kids 3 and under free (I pay far more than that for a minor league hockey game that is less entertaining- and far less uplifting and inspiring- than this show will be!)  Any additional donations will be up to the individual but I would encourage them (I’m covering half of the costs for the facility- and feeding the entire troupe myself afterward) .How uplifting are these kids?  Well, the lessons in life I learned from some of these kids are what got my family through the nightmares of my son’s medical drama 18 months ago.  The lessons on how to live life through adversity from my first trip to Uganda to meet these kids have gotten my family through some really tough times.  So, please come and don’t chalk it up as a charitable donation as much of an educational expense over the topic of “How to Live Life, Through it All.”  You want a ‘pro-life’ rally?  There is none more fun than this one!Please come; please bring the family.  Come see the inspiration of kids who have lived through things few of us can fathom- and have come through with joy in their hearts and incredible physical and musical talent. A show NOT to be missed.Sincerely,

Michael B. Openshaw
(AKA Mzungu Mike)



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