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David Dewhurst’s Next Dan Patrick Smear Ad.

Posted by Mike O on May 9, 2014

(I’ll send the bill to the Dewhurst campaign)


Dan Patrick has been known to associate with people with nefarious backgrounds. It shows gross negligence on the part of someone who wants to be Lieutenant Governor not to realize the people he has occasionally associated with on the campaign trail has some questionable associations in his past.

Here is Dan with this questionable character associates with: Michael Openshaw –



young_mike_ghost2How could Dan not know this same individual, 40 years ago, as seen here, had some questionable associations?
40 years years ago, this suspicious character was often seen in a bar called ‘Red Dog Saloon’ frequented by known car thieves and burglars. Indeed, he shared an apartment briefly with an individual that was later arrested and jailed for fencing stolen goods, shortly after this questionable character left the area, moving to Phoenix in the summer of 1973.  While there were no charges filed against Mr. Openshaw and no actual criminal activity was tied to him, Dan Patrick should, of course, known all this about this about an individual he has met 4-5 times and not associated with him.  This shows the kind of poor judgement that is unacceptable in Austin.






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