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The Collin County Illegal immigration Issue

Posted by Mike O on July 29, 2014

The three minutes to speak (and my far poorer presentation of the spoken word over written) limits my clarity on some point I would like to make in regard to the illegal immigration issue and Collin County.

Perception is not Reality: 84+% of ‘Unaccompanied Minors’ are Teenagers

And it actually is worse than that. VERY few of those older minors are female (who would send such this way??) Also, understand that MANY illegals are now lying about their age, to receive the better treatment that minors get.  No documentation, no proof; gray hair is a giveaway, however. 
And, of the younger ‘unaccompanied minors’, that is also nearly always misleading: the most common scenario seems to be children who are traveling in groups that include adult relatives, neighbors, smugglers or others. Often the children migrating already have one or more parents living in the United States, and they are considered “unaccompanied,” even if traveling with other adult relatives. As far at the ‘accompanying adult’ in this case- well, do you remember in the movie Titanic, the bad guy grabbing a stray child to get consideration and into the lifeboat?   
The normal pictures the media show are NOT the typical population; normally it’s a woman with her small kids.  Those EXCEPTIONAL cases will NOT be held for any length of time; they are being released in short order to the family they are coming to join.  The ones that will be held for longer periods will be those older males; and the longer they are held, the more any gang members included can recruit and influence.
We all do emote for the younger children (being used to try to silence opposition); however, their smaller (but growing) numbers can be handled as the exception they are.

The Medical and Epidemiological Issues: Serious but Somewhat Overblown

Here is an excellent article on the topic, though it downplays it a bit (remember; I did this for a LIVING in my previous career):  I have heard mention of leprosy, the plague, smallpox, and polio: all ridiculous and can be discounted.  The concern are more along the lines of scabies, chicken pox, swine flu, and a few cases of TB (some drug resistant); all diseases we already have here.  The problem is the prevalence and incidence; essentially, they have a LOT MORE of this than the normal population.  The source of this very high rate of illness is simple: the safe house the coyotes use south of the border have become epidemiological nightmares- and the drug cartels are hardly going to open them up for health inspections.  The pro-amnesty folks sat our folks are treating this when they are caught; but remember the vast majority are NOT caught.  The danger is for MAJOR outbreaks when school starts; California had a TB outbreak as did Maryland at the end of last year. I certainly expect SOME increase in certain things like scabies, chicken pox and some respiratory ailments in day cares and schools, how much we’ll see over the next several weeks as the school year gets rolling.

The Crime problem as an excuse

Honduras has had a high crime rate FOREVER and the current gang problems started in the late 90s.  The other two countries (El Salvador & Guatemala) have significantly less issue.  And, as described above, it is false to hope they can escaped that problem here.  Heck, if we need to aid children wanting to escape high crime and gangs, let’s start with CHICAGO. 
And the real question remains: How the heck do they coming up with the money to send these kids? The coyotes are charging $5,000 – $7,000 per person for the trip from Central America, an amount in excess of the average income. My African kids can’t come up with $50 to save their leg- something I addressed just last month.  And this transit money goes to fund the cartels; the more we roll out the red carpet, the more money to these monsters and more brutalization of people on the trail will occur.   They are FEEDING the crime more than they are escaping from it. 

Where does this all Stop?

I commented to my Indian boss (who may testify next week) about the fact that 90 Indians were caught crossing the border and are being held in Oklahoma.  He says that is the tip of that iceberg.  Notice how many Indian restaurants are popping up?  He says the vast majority are run by the THOUSANDS of Indians that have crossed from Mexico.  They have caught HUNDREDS from all over the world, and those numbers will continue to increase unless the message is delivered the illegals are NOT welcome and WILL be turned back.
Trust me, if this nation keep the doors this open and welcoming for long, we’ll start seeing MILLIONS from Asia and Africa as well.  We simply can’t handle what is coming NOW. Those that want to help, I strongly urge to dedicate yourself to working THERE than here like I have in Uganda; you can get a LOT more bang for the buck!

Accepting these Border Crossers dishonors LEGAL Immigrants

My wife worked 5 hard years in her native land of Taiwan to qualify to come here- and came to fill specific technological needs we had at the time.  Millions of other immigrants have done likewise, honoring the Rule of Law to come here.  We cannot make a mockery of the struggles of these honorable people.  Indeed, this latest group is not even CLAIMING to come for jobs, which many of the previous waves of illegal immigrants could claim; most of these are coming simply to punch the ‘golden ticket of being here- and availing themselves of our public services.

Not a County Function

Caring for ANY illegals is NOT a county function and should involve the dead minimum of support.  Messages like this resolution will make that clear and needs to be said.   I AM pleased by the ltest edits to the resolution that makes that clear.     

The normal process should be:

Feed them, treat them, clothe them; then SEND THEM BACK QUICKLY!


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