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Ebola is Coming! Ebola is Coming!

Posted by Mike O on August 2, 2014

OK, Folks: my previous life involved a microbiology degree, 8 years in medical labs, advanced training & research in virology & epidemiology.  Even familiar a bit with the FIRST outbreak of Ebola; heard papers on the development of the P4 facilities,
I tell you to CHILL: Emory is absolutely the BEST place to handle this.  All the workers in the unit will routinely be screened (which will catch it LONG before it becomes contagious) and P4 protocols- which they’ve used to handle the viruses in Atlanta for 35 years- will be in place. They successfully handled 5 Lassa fever virus patients (as contagious; somewhat less deadly)  And don’t think this is the first time Ebola has entered the country, as the chart below will explain (animal vectors).
The chances are at least a 1,000 times  greater of some LEGAL traveler bringing it back, and first showing up in hospitals NOT equipped to handle it..  Got close on that one case in Nigeria.  (I was calling for quarantine of those 3 countries 2 weeks ago until they get a grip.) UPDATE:  Looks like the doctor that treated Mr. Sawyer and three of the other medical staff may now have it, though fortunately, no passenger reports of it – yet.
The GOOD news that patients don’t get contagious until they are symptomatic (the one exception: recovered males can still be infectious up to 71 day after recovery- via semen.)
They are working on a vaccine, if FDA will get out of the way, they’ll be able to use it on people. (60% lethality of the disease?  If heavily exposed, yeah, I’d guinea pig it in a heartbeat!)  Also, they have some small history that transfusions from Ebola survivors can help- and seems to be helping Dr. Brantly  Also, this disease actually HAS seemed to burnout in terms of epidemics pretty quickly; review the link below.
BTW: planes generally do NOT fly directly from Africa.  The colonial powers retained nearly ALL landing rights, so they generally fly through Europe.  I should know; planning to fly to Uganda in February to give away one of my girls at her wedding (and if there is ANY doubt even though Uganda is 1500 miles from ANY of this, I am setting up to work remotely and send my wife to my son’s house for a couple weeks after my return. I was actually in the same district as one of the small outbreaks last time it showed up in Uganda, unbeknownst to me; but so were a few million other people.)  http://www.cdc.gov/vhf/ebola/resources/outbreak-table.html


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