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I Applied to Join Sarah Palin’s Foreign Policy Team

Posted by Mike O on September 8, 2008

She doesn’t need 300 like Obama when she’s got advisors like these. I’d fit right in.

(OK, so it’s a NorFest celebration; they’d still be better than Obama’s.)


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Fun with the GOP Ticket

Posted by Mike O on September 7, 2008

I think this video is hilarious and most of her supporters seem to think so, too.  If nothing else, Sarah represents real change… in terms of improvement in marksmanship for the office of Vice-President.

The comments to that video on YouTube and at HotAir are pretty telling.  Most of us on the right still seem to retain a sense of humor and are secure enough to be able to laugh about ourselves.  Much of the Democrat side seems to have lost that over the years; Obamatrons take themselves way too seriously to appreciate things like this about their own team.

I can see John McCain doing a followup to this SNL piece with Sarah as a sidekick.

I might have several disagreements with McCain, but I will say he has the confidence to be comfortable in his own skin (as loose as that skin is, he should be 🙂 ).

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