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Hillery imploding, Huck ‘bunkers’ goof, Mitt misremembers, Paulbots found

Posted by Mike O on December 22, 2007

Hillary blantly plants a question and Sunday School teacher (with a convenient picture),  sets up Obama attack sites easily traced back to her campaign, while Bill aburdly calls her a ‘World-Class genius’.  I would hope a world-class genius would be able not to run a long-prepared, well-funded, well-oiled monster political machine off the cliff before the first votes are cast, like ‘Ms. Inevitable’ has managed to do.  Anybody got a copy of ‘Politics for Dummies’ they could loan them?   

Huckabee accusses the Bush administration of an ‘arrogant bunker mentality’, then responds to being questioned on it with: “I may not have even written the line that has you so upset.” Condi Rice delivers an appropriate head-slap.

Mitt flubs with “My father and I marched with Martin Luther King Jr. through the streets of Detroit.” Clearly, Mitt himself did not do that, from all known accounts.  However, instead of just ‘fessing up and admitting a goof, Mitt’s crew insists on parsing the heck out of it all.  The issue is minor, but their handling of it has been inept. More significant to me was his claim this last Sunday that he received an NRA endorsement in 2002 that he did not.  Couple that with his ‘lifelong hunter’ fib in the past, and it indicates he has a ‘fabulism issue’.

McCain’s busily racking up endorsements from peple that are NOT friends of the GOP, including Boston papers, etc.  You think he might want to hold off on those until the general?  Not the smart way to get the nomination initially.

Giuliani was pretty much exhonerated from trying to hide the costs of his extramarital affair to the taxpayer; it was out there in the open for most of the time.  Of course, it also reminds us that there were taxpayers costs to this.

Then, on the really loony side, The Paulbot online poll spamming site has been uncovered.  I watched one poll go from 1% for Paul to 28% in moments when they fired up their operation.

Fred’s big goof; an innappropriate ‘silly hat’ comment (he would look silly in a fireman’s helmet: ask Dukakis about how big a mistake that can be) well covered on the spot.  The biggest part of this story was how massively misrepresented this was by a hostile press.

OK: given all of this, Fred is looking better and better.

My additions to ‘You might be a Fredhead if you think- ‘

.. that the only video you want to see on terrorists is from the camera of a Predator before they disappear in a flash.

.. that Harry Reid proves that some kids weren’t beat up enough on the schoolyard playground

.. that affairs in the White House should be political in nature, not extramarital

.. that environmentalism should start with reducing government paper wasted on printing non-English documentation.


7 Responses to “Hillery imploding, Huck ‘bunkers’ goof, Mitt misremembers, Paulbots found”

  1. Terry Woods said

    Hi MIke!
    Trying to bring you some traffic (Ho Ho Ho)! I still don’t get your “expose” – ( from “Spamming site uncovered”:) We do this so they can’t track where we are coming from. If they see a couple hundred people voting from this site for Ron in 30min, it makes us look bad.

    Couple of hundred people – are there hundreds of “spammers”? Not just a couple of dudes in a basement? What you’ve uncovered is a conspiracy of support. Bad, Bad PaulBots!

    Keep slamming everybody – I hate ’em all too!http://politicalinquirer.com/2007/12/13/tired-of-the-candidates/

    Terry Woods

  2. Mike O said

    Traffic is fine, since I got Instalaunched a couple weeks ago.

    I’ve talked to a lot of people who run the polls and know a thing or two about the internet; there definitely is some IP Spoofing polling spam going on fro Paul (one of the sources is someone in the Urkraine or their infected computer). It certainly explains the vast difference in online poll results and professional polling results.

    As I’ve said; I’ll be startle if Paul clears more than 5% in half of the primaries; an overall of 8% he should consider a moral victory. But it ain’t getting him anywhere except to an independent run.

  3. pgwarner said

    Warning Off Topic Comment!

    Have a very Merry Christmas, and a Blessed New Year!

  4. pgwarner said

    Okay, now on topic!

    .. that Harry Reid proves that some kids weren’t beat up enough on the schoolyard playground

    I love that line, too funny!

    .. that affairs in the White House should be political in nature, not extramarital

    Now this isn’t fair. Bill’s wife is a shrew who bats for the other team. Fred’s wife is, well she is…Disneyland!

  5. Mike O said

    As much a babe as Jeri is, do you really think it a good idea to mess with Fred’s wife? Fred’s glare alone can melt through the armor of two M1A1 Abrams tank front to back. 😀

  6. […] really hates to do it to the guy but it is his own fault. He earned his own kiss of death by writing something worthy (I know, sick isn’t it) of inclusion in the messenger. Sorry Mike, but it is really your own fault. OK: given all of this, Fred is looking better and […]

  7. Marvin said

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    It was truly informative. Your site is very helpful.
    Thanks for sharing!

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